The Macdonald family

To whom it may concern,

In August 2018 we made the decision as a family to return to New Zealand after 18 years away. While living in the South Pacific and Europe had been great, the desire to return to NZ had become too strong. Our plan was simple – leave the UK on December 1st, hire a motorhome on Dec 3rd, travel the country, find somewhere we all liked to live and settle down. But if like us, you have also looked at the prices of hiring motorhomes in NZ over the peak period then this was never going to fly. So research of alternative options was undertaken and the first site we found was Kiwi Motorhome Importing – within 24 hours we were speaking with Rob and Fiona about our plans, wishes, wants and preferences – and boy did they make it easy for us!
Being fairly new to motorhoming (we had hired a few in the past) the knowledge and wisdom that came from Rob and Fiona was extraordinary. Having two teenage daughters in tow meant sleeping arrangements were a key challenge but Rob immediately mentioned the Sunlight A72 with its rear bunks and not only that, also pointed us towards a supplier in the UK who had them and that we could go and see. Literally within weeks we had viewed and agreed the purchase of our new travelling home and the shipping date had been confirmed to ensure the MH would be in New Zealand ready to roll well before our arrival.
And this is where you might think that the challenge to bring the MH to New Zealand only started!
However, with the guidance of Rob and Fiona, via emails and WhatsApp calls, they had all the paperwork we needed sent to us with clear instructions on what to do with them and fully outlined the process required. In terms of hassle for us – there was simply none! It was actually easier than buying a car locally as I didn’t even need to pick the MH up and drive it to the docks for shipping!
But wait, there’s more. Not content with simply the importing side, Rob and Fiona then assisted with the full set-up of said MH from the legal aspects (WOF, Electrical Certificate etc) through to ensuring that we had everything we needed in the van itself (from consumables for the toilet through to plates, cutlery and even a potato peeler!) – and even now, 2 months after we took delivery of our MH we are still in contact with Rob and Fiona and indeed regard them as good friends.
From the very first enquiry both Rob and Fiona have actively supported and helped us to realise our dream of getting mobile in New Zealand with very little stress or strain from our side. If you have similar desires to us and want to find and/or bring a MH of your own into New Zealand then I cannot recommend Rob and Fiona at Kiwi Motorhome Importing enough. They have simply been exceptional.

The Macdonald family

The Spiers Family

We were thoroughly impressed with the service provided by Rob and Fiona at Kiwi Motorhome Importing. They helped with contact for sourcing a van and knew the importing process inside out allowing everything to go smoothly. Even when we had issues on our end they were very patient and went above and beyond to make sure everything went well. We can’t recommend them highly enough.

Tim and Jo

We are so grateful to have found Rob and Fiona when we were thinking about sending our camper van from the UK to NZ, they sent us estimates of pretty much what it would cost, the legalities of the VAT exempt scheme, the shipping, the import and compliance procedures.

Once we decided on a date they organised all the rest, all we had to do was to drive the campervan to Southampton and they did the rest.

They were very trustworthy, informative and professional in their approach to the whole procedure after all it’s a lot of money you’ve got invested!

When we arrived at their house in Tauranga the van was waiting ready for us. They invited us to stay on their driveway for another day/night while we sorted out the van ready for our NZ roadtrip. They couldn’t do enough for us to make sure everything was perfect.

We can’t recommend then highly enough and expect to be using them again for our next NZ adventure.

Tim and Jo

Dale, Beccy, Tate & Brock

We shipped our Burstner motorhome from the UK to New Zealand with Kiwi Motorhome Importing where Rob and Fiona handled the entire process. This took a great deal of stress away from us and meant we could enjoy our holiday whilst the motorhome made its way to New Zealand.

Once it had arrived Rob and Fiona looked after our motorhome like it was their own and went to great lengths to assist us setting up once we arrived. Rob and Fiona are two of the kindest, most genuine people we have met and if you are shipping to New Zealand, we can’t recommend them highly enough.

Dale, Beccy, Tate & Brock

Mark, Tania and Indie Knight

Thank you Rob and Fiona. My wife and I (and 9 mth old daughter) wanted to utilise the last 3 months of her maternity leave by travelling around her home country (Britain) along with Spain and France…. It was also a great way for me to spend some quality time with my daughter.

My background is in import, distribution and retail sales of truck parts in New Zealand with a Bachelor of Commerce in Finance, as such I was never going to be an easy customer for Rob to satisfy (The arrogance to have an opinion on everything, and the ability to do it myself if I don’t think it was being done the way I thought best)

From the start both myself and my wife liked the way Rob and Fiona came across confident but also down to earth and prepared to discuss all possibilities to find the best solution for our situation.

Our plan was to do what we wanted, when we wanted and how we wanted… all the time satisfying a 9mth old girl who makes her own demands. A Motorhome was therefore a fait accompli… the only question was which?

We looked hard at many Motorhomes initially preferring the idea of a 3-5 year vehicle (new enough, but discounted in price that comes with new vehicles)… but upon review of the UK tax system and the benefits afforded by the UK ‘Personal Export Scheme’ and best place to position ourselves in the NZ retail market for a successful and profitable efficient resale. It was always our intention to return the vehicle to New Zealand and sell the vehicle to return the capital investment we had made in full.

Robs advice was invaluable as a number of times we went down wrong pathways that would have ultimately ended up cost us money, time and hassle.

Having accurate costings and understanding of exactly what was required to achieve and complete this project was greatly assisted by the complete details of Kiwi Motorhomes comprehensive expense sheet, along with the benefits of his industry knowledge and extensive contacts. That is not to say we did everything his way, but we listened with respect to everything he had to say.

Ultimately we found the most sensible solution was to purchase a new Motorhome early in the UK summer, use it for the Northern Hemisphere summer and then return it to New Zealand in time to market and sale it for the start of the NZ summer season.

The Motorhome enabled us to have a fixed base and a common place to call ‘home’ (Important for the stability of our 9 mth old whilst we travelled, ultimately this trip was for our benefit but we wanted to have the least impact on our child’s learning, growth and development as possible).

It also enabled us to travel where we wanted and when, saving us in travel, accommodation and food without hassle, and with the benefit of putting us in an environment to meet real people everywhere we went. Just seeing the major attractions was never a major objective to us… rather to experience and sample was so much more what we wanted to achieve.

Rob’s timings where accurate from start to finish, his costings were precise and even as a tough customer to please I can only compliment both he and Fiona for their efficiency.

Having now completed our project/adventure I am happy to say that not only have we minimised our expenditure but with the benefit of renting our house at home in the interim have gone a long way to covering all of the costs associated with our experience, in fact we were able to sell the motorhome in 3 weeks and realised a profit on the sale, a great outcome!

Proof that if you are smart, careful and capable a motorhome adventure does not have to be an expensive exercise.

Thank you Kiwi Motorhome Importing.

Mark, Tania & Indie Knight

Teresa and Graham McClymont

After lengthy research online to find a campervan either in the UK or New Zealand and realizing that the English option required a lot more work, I was recommended to talk to Rob and Fiona by the logistics team from Extreme Global who I had rung about the cost to ship.

It became very clear to me that Kiwi Motorhome importing could save me not only time but also money. Their advice and putting me in touch with the firm that sold second hand campers saved me the VAT on the purchase and when the vehicle I had purchased arrived, they took care of all the customs clearance, registration and compliance. For time poor self-employed tradies, this was a major bonus

All we had to do was get to Tauranga to pick up the van and have a run through of all the fixtures and fittings with Rob and Fiona before happily bringing Wanda home.

I would highly recommend Kiwi Motorhome Importing, we are more than happy with our new vehicle but also feel we have made new friends.

Teresa McClymont
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Jacqui and Alastair

Via some friends we stumbled upon Rob & Fiona who
had experience and knowledge of bringing a motorhome back from the UK. Rob
& Fiona were in the throes of setting up a new business “Kiwi
Motorhome Importing”. After some initial discussions and a visit over to
the BOP we became their first clients to put our full trust in their services.

18 months down the down the track we have bought a
motorhome, travelled a big chunk of Europe and now have the motorhome sitting
here in NZ and are looking forward to more adventures here in Aotearoa.

The cost of using Kiwi Motorhome Services has been more
than compensated in reduced buy price of the Motorhome and the money transfer
costs all organized by Rob & Fiona. On top of that we got fantastic service
and information which saved us time and money so we didn’t make mistakes and we
felt confident knowing the rules and regulations of buying and travelling
around the UK and Europe in a Motorhome thanks to wealth of knowledge they possess
and share.