Testimonial – Bob & Crellin Bowen

After researching & contemplating the merits of buying a motor home in London and travelling in the UK for a stay of 3 plus months duration. We asked Rob & Fiona of Kiwi Motor Home Importing for an indication of price and all up costs including their charges to ship a <6 m Burstner Lyseo IT 590 180 hp Motor Home back to New Zealand. They responded with a very thorough indicative price and time schedule.We went ahead and purchased 1 August 2019 the Brand New Burstner with a number of extras including factory installed air conditioning.On departing London at the end of October we dropped the Burstner into the supplier who took the Motor Home to the Port to commence its journey to Auckland and then to Tauranga.Rob & Fiona took care of all export / import shipping payments & requirements to ensure the Motor Home was up to New Zealand WOF - Self Containment - Gas & Electrical certification. We supplied all documents Rob & Fiona requested and payments to them as they invoiced us.Fiona met us in Tauranga and took us to their home where we slept overnight in our immaculately presented motor home. They treated us to breakfast and gave us a very thorough run through the operation and use of the Motor Home before commencing our journey home to Palmerston North.The price indicated mid July 2019 was accurate compared to the sum of the progress invoices paid through to collection 29 January 2020 only varying by $500 because of the extra height incurred with factory fitted air conditioning which they were not aware of at the time of pricing. We were told that there was a 12 month plus waiting list in New Zealand if we wanted to order this make /model motor Home from the factory.I found Rob & Fiona to be honest, totally trustworthy and true to their word providing a friendly, welcoming, accurate and prompt service.Thank you Rob & Fiona for a very professional service delivery.

Testimonial – Ruth & Eric MacLeod

It takes some courage and faith when handing over the keys of a brand-new motorhome to a complete stranger in the carpark of a shipping company at the Belgium port of Zeebrugge. That was the stark reality of having engaged with Kiwi Motorhome Importing Ltd to act as our agents in exporting our vehicle to New Zealand.

I didn’t know Fiona and Rob Wilkinson then, other than through emails and a couple of phone calls across the globe to the antipodes. But if I had known them then, as I know them now, I wouldn’t have given it a second thought and indeed my better half, Ruth, wouldn’t have had the sleepless nights and the dark thoughts of never seeing our new motorhome ever again.

But all’s well that ends well and we eventually, after a few minor hiccups, made the acquaintance of our vehicle once again, as well as meeting Fiona and Rob at their home, in one of the most beautiful spots I’ve ever visited in New Zealand.

Ruth and I were instantly welcomed and invited into their home as if we had been long lost friends. We remained with them for a very long weekend, clearing some remaining compliance requirements, driven to the shops for extras required for our stay in the motorhome and being guided and instructed on a great many aspects of our van and what living in one in New Zealand for 5 months would involve. The latter was gratefully received as we were complete novices.

We, eventually, left them (reluctantly like fledglings leaving the nest) to venture out into our great big NZ adventure with a very big thanks for going out of their way in everything they did for us.

p.s. On a financial note – Fiona and Rob’s eventual cost came to slightly under the estimated cost they gave me some nine months previously 😊

Allan and Dale Sutherland-Carvell

We want to thank you both, Fiona and Rob, for organising the import and compliance – and everything else – that went with bringing in our Roller Team T590. We very much appreciated your attention to detail and your communication, keeping us updated every step of the way. We have no hesitation in recommending Kiwi Motorhome Importing to anyone wanting to purchase a motorhome from the United Kingdom. Thank you again. ~Dale and Allan Sutherland-Carvell

Testimonial-Greg and Jill

We cannot speak highly enough of the service we received from Rob and Fiona.
From our first enquiry, Rob and Fiona answered all the questions we had and added suggestions that enabled savings along the way.
Pricing was precise and clear, setting out all the costs involved with purchase, compliance in Britain, freight, insurance, customs and NZ compliance etc.
When our motorhome was ready we flew to Tauranga and were met by Rob and Fiona at the airport where they took us shopping so we could kit out the various items required in a motorhome. Their knowledge was invaluable while shopping with lots of helpful suggestions. That night we were invited into their home for a meal and drinks and we stayed the night in their driveway in our fantastic new motorhome.
On the hand over they gave us a full run down on the operation of the Fiat and the motorhome and answered any questions we had.
We found Kiwi Motorhome Importing to be very professional in their business and were a pleasure to deal with. We would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone wanting a hassle free importation of a motorhome. Doing it yourself is a no brainer once you have dealt with Rob and Fiona!
If anyone wants to contact me personally feel free to do so on 027 2426650
Greg and Jill

Stephen and Jane

A big thank you to you both for making the whole process of importing our van from the UK so simple, even when there were issues meaning we had to change shipping companies in the middle of the night while we we backpacking in Cambodia, you simply made things happen. Your knowledge of all the in’s and out of importing motorhomes was invaluable. I can’t believe we even considered trying to go through the whole process on our own.

I know we’ll be calling when we next look to import a motorhome.

Kind regards
Jane & Stephen

Testimonial with grateful thanks from Mel & Vivienne

If you wish to take the stress out of importing your own motorhome or caravan, as well as save yourself a great deal of time and effort, look no further than Kiwi Motorhome Importing Tauranga.
We highly recommend using Kiwi Motorhome Importing as your trusted agent for importing a motorhome or caravan into New Zealand.
Our recent experience of working with Rob and Fiona to import our new motorhome from the UK has been great.
Their attention to detail has been both welcome and necessary. They have anticipated and dealt with issues before they materialised and became problems. They have also very happily answered our many dumb questions on everything from NZ Customs requirements, mains plug socket and gas conversions and NZTA registration to motorhoming in New Zealand. To navigate these many hurdles you need someone like Rob and Fiona who have seen it all before and are used to doing things right.
Rob and Fiona welcomed us into their home when we called to collect our motorhome and took the time to explain everything we needed to know about using and operating our brand new van. Fiona makes awesome muffins as well by the way.
All in all we are very pleased with the excellent service and advice we have received from Kiwi Motorhome Importing and definitely made the right decision to use them very early in the process.

Oliver and Teresa

We recently purchased a motorhome through Kiwi Motorhome Importing and can highly recommend the service that Rob and Fiona provided. From the very first conversation with Rob and Fiona it was very obvious they knew their business.

They gave us excellent advice and made us fully aware of the processes involved with importing a motorhome. The spreadsheet they provided of the costs involved was very detailed and incredibly accurate – there were no hidden costs or surprises! They kept us informed throughout the process and responded to our questions promptly.

When the vehicle arrived in New Zealand they organised all of the compliance requirements and registration details. They went out of their way to make the collection process as easy as possible, Rob picked me up from the airport and took me back to their place to do the hand over.

Rob and Fiona took their time explaining all the ‘ins and outs’ of the motorhome and even lent me their tyre inflator kit for the return journey home. For us the importing process was a dream and we are thrilled with our new motorhome. The friendly and professional service they provided was outstanding.

Georgina and Chris

We cannot speak highly enough about the attention to detail, care, service and professionalism of Rob and Fiona. Importing a motorhome to New Zealand is a minefield of taxes, certification, stink bugs, self-containment & electrical compliance, the list goes on – Rob and Fiona are experts on how to navigate all the issues, avoid unnecessary pitfalls and ultimately save you money and stress. Whenever we had any questions they were on hand to provide the answers, always willing to go above and beyond for their clients. I feel we have not only gained a new motorhome, but also new friends. The service doesn’t end once you’ve collected your new vehicle, they provide a comprehensive handover so she’s all ready to go and, being new to motorhome ownership, they were on hand to answer our multitude of “how does this work?” questions. If you are considering importing a vehicle give them a call….they will make it a reality and save you a heap of money compared to buying the equivalent in New Zealand!

Kate and John

We are not generally part of ‘On-line’ life’s Reviewing brigade – not being geeks to start with – instead being the sorts that usually do our own ‘homework’ and get on with our project being rather ‘independent’ types, but we we’re truly relieved to make the acquaintance of Rob and Fiona Wilkinson from KIWI
MOTORHOME IMPORTING relatively near, but not quite near enough, the beginning of our project to purchase an ex VAT motorhome in the UK, travel and then export the vehicle back to NZ for le.  

Had we gone straight to Rob and Fiona with what we were looking for in a Motorhome,
we would have had none of the chasing around UK dealerships that we did, as we had not realised the demand on manufacturing slots that dealerships were experiencing in the UK in 2018; we would have had the benefit of Kiwi Motorhome Importing’s network of ‘reliable’ dealerships, a portion of dealers’ discount,
and probably Rob and Fiona would have found our vehicle in a better arrival location than northern UK and we may not have got the run-around from an outfit too big to care that we did.  More fool us!

However, we were really fortunate to ‘fall into’ Rob and Fiona’s reliable and extremely
capable hands, when we struggled to get insurance for our vehicle just three weeks out from our departure. A desperate online search popped up Kiwi Motorhome Importing and Insurance together. Thank Heavens! From that point on all the huge variety of facets of what we were in for in terms of an importation of a Motorhome we’re lifted from the shoulders of a pair of fairly rank amateurs, albeit practical folk, and into the hands of some real professionals!

Unfortunately, we’d missed out on Rob and Fiona’s assistance in acquiring the vehicle of our choice and we did get lumbered with a dealership that we’d have preferred not to have dealt with, but moving on, Kiwi Motorhome’s legendary MOTORHOME IMPORTATION COST ANALYSIS was a revelation and you could be in NO DOUBT as to what is involved in an importation and just what you are up for, before you embark on the project. We are not experts, but we have tackled a few projects in our time (building houses and boats), and this analysis, referred to in other reviews, is such a comprehensive, up front calculation that proved
so reliable as to have just over a $100 variance (through subsequent electrical
plug requirements in NZ) in the overall costing over a 8 month period, taking into account currency fluctuations etc. Really impressive and we’d venture to say, unheard of in today’s NZ Motorhome market.

From their terrific UK Insurer, with whom Rob and Fiona were personally acquainted, to the Schedule of Required Documents and Originals, Rob and Fiona put together to be obtained from the Dealership, their instructions on VIN# photos etc., and paperwork making things straight forward with NZ Customs etc, UK drop off instructions, to their sorely tested Shipping Agent back here in NZ and the Motorhome’s final arrival and delivery to Tauranga, Rob and Fiona co-ordinated and counselled us, with always the most prompt email replies and words of Wisdom.

When the Motorhome was back in NZ, we were more than reassured by the quality work
of their compliancing team and more assistance above and beyond during a tight sales process caused by shipping delays, Rob and Fiona did their utmost co-ordinating compliancing and paperwork in record time, and then offering us
sales contract advice and our buyers, several useful items to get them on the road, home to the South Island.

If you want reliability, knowledge and accuracy of information, straight answers from genuine and exceedingly helpful operators, Kiwi Motorhome Importing and Rob and Fiona Wilkinson are lovely people at the top of their game and it’s our pleasure to recommend their services to prospective Motorhome importers and purchasers.

Kate and John

Ian and Chris Kear

In 2018 we decided that as we are keen on motorhoming and also like to visit New Zealand, we would combine the two and have an adventure to remember in our own motorhome. We decided that another Burstner would “fit the bill” and so visited Camper UK of Lincoln who had the model in stock.
Negotiations went well and we asked who they recommended to help us send the motorhome to New Zealand. Without hesitation I was told “Kiwi Motorhome Importing”. Bearing in mind this is the main dealer for Burstner in the UK, I followed their advice.
We read KMI’s advice regarding export/import arrangements and contacted Rob & Fiona with a view to using the motorhome for 3 months before exporting to NZ -as we wanted to be sure that everything was working perfectly before it left the country. Rob immediately sent us a detailed spreadsheet showing all the likely costs that we were going to incur based on the purchase price -which of course was VAT (UK Tax) free.
All seemed reasonable and so we agreed to KMI putting the wheels in motion. They kept us informed throughout of what was happening and what documents were needed and when. They were also very understanding when the UK licensing department (the DVLA) made a complete hash of licensing our motorhome ready for export. That obstacle over, the Marmorated Stinkbug reared its ugly head and caused extreme problems for Rob in getting a suitable replacement ship when the ‘Pest Import’ rules changed. Thanks again Rob/Fiona.
So, we were reunited with our motorhome in early 2019 and were delighted that all the documentation, licensing and conversions had been arranged and carried out swiftly by Kiwi Motorhome Importing to a VERY HIGH standard. The original spreadsheet? Well, that was within a couple of hundred dollars of the final price -which had been affected by the Stinkbug. Not bad eh?
Thank you once again Rob & Fiona for everything.
Ian & Chris Kear
Cheltenham, U.K.