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UK/EU Motorhomes prices have risen, some models up to 10% for the 2019 season, however there are still some great 2018 model bargains available so please talk with us now about your motorhome plans.

For all you Kiwi’s planning to head away for your UK/EUROPEAN dream holiday, the NZ dollar is looking increasingly good value to secure your new motorhome as the exchange rates continue to remain relatively stable with rates nearly the same as this time last year. Early planning is the key to securing the new build stock allocations and the very best deals.

For all you Brits who want to obtain VAT exemptions as well as getting great depreciation allowances (certain conditions apply) whilst using you motorhome in the UK/EU and then exporting it to New Zealand please talk with us soon to see how we can make this happen for you.

So, you want to take a dream holiday in UK/EU in your new tax free motorhome or campervan then import it to New Zealand?


You want to ‘Direct Import/export’ your dream motorhome or campervan VAT -tax free to New Zealand utilising the Personal Export Scheme?


You want to bring your ‘own’ castle on wheels, motorhome or campervan on holiday to fabulously beautiful New Zealand?


You demand a highly efficient and cost effective service that gives great value where the cost of the service has little or no impact and often provides you with greater savings!


If you ask yourself ‘why wouldn’t I use a service that can source the right motorhome at the right price, fully complied ready to go on holiday worry free’?


You should read on to see how easy it is to do with Kiwi Motorhome Importing.

Motor-homing is such a wonderful way to enjoy the breath-taking beauty the world has to offer and forge lifelong friendships that know no borders.

Kiwi Motorhome Importing is a New Zealand based motorhome importation specialist. Along with our dedicated team of leading industry experts we are here to provide you with a seamless, worry-free experience in acquiring the motorhome of your dreams, whether it is brand new or a second hand (used) vehicle, or indeed shipping your existing vehicle. We organise and manage all of the formalities necessary for the private importation, compliance and certification of the vehicle here in New Zealand. If a caravan is your preference we can also assist you with sourcing and shipping of the vehicle.

Talk with us about the opportunity to enjoy UK VAT FREE (20%) tax concessions on brand new and VAT qualifying (ex-hire) motorhomes and caravan purchases, with the possibility of additional depreciation concessions for motorhomes, dependent on time used abroad, literally saving you many thousands of dollars. There are many desirable motorhomes still available at absolute bargain prices, please talk with us about your preferred motorhome and let us quote that for you with a direct export to New Zealand or collection in the UK for your dream holiday tour.

We are service providers, with no brand affiliation or preference and will work with you, and for you, to source the vehicle of your choice at the best possible price by utilising our preferential access and buying rates with suppliers and buying agents across the UK.

We work independently on your behalf to facilitate the highly complex and ever changing, personal import shipping, compliance and certification process and take the worry and stress away from you.

Whether you own a motorhome in the UK, have sourced one for export to NZ, or are already on holiday and simply wish to have your vehicle shipped, we are ready to assist with organising the complete procedure form dropping off the vehicle in Southampton, arranging fumigation for used vehicles, full NZ vehicle compliance, gas and electrical certification and with full self-containment in a ‘ready to go holidaying’ mode here in New Zealand.

Similarly you may be a UK/EU resident who may wish to use your own motorhome (some conditions apply) to tour New Zealand whereby you can be in the comfort you know and love and still realise substantial savings over renting a comparable motorhome here in New Zealand.

Whether you are looking to purchase and collect your new motorhome in the UK and go touring, or wishing to import your own motorhome to New Zealand, please contact us to talk about our worry-free service for shipping your vehicle to New Zealand.

Costing model:

We are working for you, on your behalf.

Because Kiwi Motorhome Importing is utilising the best industry professionals, we understand how to blend a trusted, careful and worry free service with competitive pricing. As a New Zealand registered motor vehicle trader, we have access to preferential buying rates with a vast numbers UK dealers and contacts. We also have preferential foreign exchange rates that can literally save you thousands of dollars.

We utilise all of our skills and industry best practice to provide you the most accurate and comprehensive costing estimates and the fairest share of the discounts and savings available.

Of course you could go it alone, however you are likely to be paying full rates at every step of the journey, whereas we can provide competitive rates for all of the processes involved including marine  (transit) insurance and insurance both in the UK and in New Zealand.

Let us show you how.

Thank you for visiting our website, please have fun looking at all the helpful information and links on our resources page. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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Kiwi Motorhome Importing provides an unparalleled importation and procurement service that is customised to your exact requirements. With the current UK-NZ exchange rate still very favourable, now is the ideal time to contact us to make you dreams comes true!

Let us show you how we can utilise our preferential buying power with UK contacts and preferred suppliers to not only cover our service fee, but to deliver potential savings of up to 15%-25% on the exact same model of equivalent motorhome sold here in New Zealand.

Time For A Holiday?

Please contact us for an obligation free assessment of how we can facilitate this for you with cost estimation from a vehicle purchase, to on-road-fully complied, gas certification, electrical certification and fully certified self-containment allowing you to get ready to go holidaying and touring.

See how we can help you enjoy travelling around the United Kingdom, Europe and New Zealand in style.